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Family Photography

What You Get Pro. studio photography productions Pro. Make-up, Hair Do, ..

RM1,688.00 RM1,988.00 Ex Tax: RM1,688.00

Kuala Lumpur Pre-wedding Photography

A city full of excitements! Be fascinated by the beauty and natural landscape of the lak..

RM2,699.00 RM3,699.00 Ex Tax: RM2,699.00

Royal Pre-wedding Photography

Let us tell the story of how your knight in shining amour swept you up from your feet! F..

RM3,988.00 RM4,988.00 Ex Tax: RM3,988.00

Shen Zhen – The Wedding City Photography

Shenzhen is a modern and beautiful metropolis city and home to some of the tallest skysc..

RM8,988.00 RM9,988.00 Ex Tax: RM8,988.00

Taiwan Pre-wedding Photography

Taiwan is a beautiful island and one of Asia’s must visit destination! Create your..

RM8,988.00 RM9,988.00 Ex Tax: RM8,988.00


Production, Albums, Photos & etc. Actual day Videography@Site 2 session ..

RM2,888.00 RM3,388.00 Ex Tax: RM2,888.00

Wedding Day Photo Shooting

It’s your actual wedding day! Leave all your worries behind and enjoy every moment..

RM2,488.00 RM2,988.00 Ex Tax: RM2,488.00

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